Why Chefs Love Wolf Cookers

Have you heard of Wolf cookers? The chances are, if you watch cookery TV shows, you’ve seen celebrity chefs using Wolf products many times without realising it!

Wolf has established itself as the brand of choice for leading chefs due to the robust, industrial feel of their high-quality stainless steel appliances which can take cooking to a whole new level. Wolf’s brand ambassadors include Aldo Zilli, Shaun Rankin, Richard Corrigan, Mark Hix, Galton Blackiston, Stevie Parle, Thomasina Miers and Simon Rimmer; as well as celebrity chef clients James Martin, Gordon Ramsay, Michel Roux Junior, Gary Rhodes and Tom Parker Bowles.

Don’t be fooled into thinking Wolf cookers are just for restaurant kitchens though, many chefs have a Wolf cooker at home as well as at work.

“As a chef I wanted to feel like when I was at home I could cook as well there as I could at the restaurant.” Find out more about why Simon Rimmer endorses Wolf:

When Wolf introduced products for residential kitchens, they took the culinary world by storm. Never before had home cooks enjoyed such precise, sure control. Heat, airflow – indeed all the physics and mechanics behind the art of cooking – work in delicious concert.

If you love cooking, and you love high performance appliances which take the guesswork out of cooking, you’ll love Wolf. They are specialists in delicious results, with a belief system built into every Wolf product. The central tenet of their cooking credo is that your ideas and preferences, not the limitations of your equipment, should determine how your meals turn out. Wolf puts precise control in your hands so the dish you have in mind will be the dish you bring to the table.

Wolf Cooker

Wolf’s precision instils the confidence to cook with the expectation of a marvellous result. The only pleasure greater than cooking with Wolf? Partaking of the meals you will create!

To see working models of Wolf products in a kitchen setting, visit our showroom in Exeter.