Summer Loving. Morsø Outdoor Living features in Devon Life.

We’re delighted that the Morsø Outdoor Living Range was recently featured in Devon Life. Below is the article.

Summer Loving.

When summer is short but nonetheless sweet, the Danes make the absolute best of it. And stylishly too, of course. Denmark’s premium specialist stove maker, Morsø, has created an Outdoor Living range of cooking and heating appliances that sparkle with aesthetic good looks and outstanding functionality. If you love al fresco dining and making the most of your time outdoors, this new range will undoubtedly make the perfect centrepiece for your patio or garden.

As we head slowly towards the cooler months again, these outdoor appliances will come into their own and help extend your precious outdoor living by providing evening warmth and much more besides.

The Morsø Outdoor Living range isn’t just about beautiful heating – it also enhances outdoor cooking too – at a whole new level. The ovens can be used to grill, bake, BBQ, as a smoke oven and last but not least, to make perfect pizzas.

There are three appliances to choose from and something for every pocket – from the design classic The Grill ’71, through the mid-range Grill Forno on its slim, turned teak legs, to the ultimate in good-looking garden cooking, the Morso Forno.

Even in a country where design matters – think Arne Jacobsen (the ‘Ant’ chair), Jorn Ultzon (Sydney Opera House), and Kaare Klint (known as the father of modern Danish furniture design) – , Morsø stands out as a company committed to design excellence, and producing practical appliances that will enhance your living space for years to come.

It makes very good sense – particularly with our longer, English summers – to choose Morso’s Outdoor Living range: examples of superb cast iron craftsmanship that cook and heat wonderfully well, and that will bring a touch of design magic to your garden. If you’re a foodie who loves to cook outdoors, and you have a taste for design classics, you’ll be very, very happy if you treat yourself to a piece of Danish excellence.