Revolutionise your living space with the Gyrofocus fireplace

If you’re looking for a high spec fireplace which will bring some drama as well as warmth into your home, Focus Fires iconic Gyrofocus could be the fireplace for you.

Focus Fires iconic Gyrofocus fireplace

The Gyrofocus is a truly spectacular suspended fireplace which has won a host of awards, its unique design embodying a sublime combination of form and function. Suspended from the ceiling and pivoting through 360 degrees (easily with a gentle touch), it makes an extraordinary design statement providing both warmth and a wonderful focal point in any living space.

There is even an outdoor version of the Gyrofocus, so you can transform your outdoor living area into a unique and beautiful space.

The Gyrofocus has become an icon of innovation in contemporary fireplace design. With beautiful design at its heart, alongside practical usability, the Gyrofocus is a match for lovers of highly individual design. See how this iconic fireplace is made in this short video.

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