Popular Morso Stoves this Winter

Have you been browsing the Morso stove range to try and find the perfect fire for your living space? To help you narrow it down we thought we’d share the stoves creating the most interest this season. From the adorable Squirrel to the clean lines and timeless appearance of the 8140, there’s something for all lovers of real fires in our handpicked selection.

Morso 1430 Squirrel Wood & Multi-Fuel Stove

Morso 1430 Squirrel Multi-Fuel Stove

The Morso 1430 Squirrel is a small but perfectly formed multi-fuel stove and makes a lovely addition to any home. Enjoy a great view of the flames with a stay-clean glass and the convenient ash pan makes for easy emptying.

Its rated output of 4.6 kW makes the 1430 Squirrel ideally suited for small and medium sized rooms, or even a narrowboat, garden room or workshop. We’ve written a blog post about why the Morsø 1400 Squirrel Series is the most popular small cast iron stove in Britain which you can read here.

Morso 4400 Wood & Multi Fuel Stove

Morso 4400 Wood Burning Stove

If you prefer a more contemporary design, the Morso 4400 series offers sleek, clean lines to compliment any living space where style and comfort go hand in hand.

The unique large landscape door offers a panoramic view of the firebox and flame picture. The addition of a functional “magnetic” locking mechanism adds to this stoves ergonomic appeal.

What’s more, the 4400 series is DEFRA approved, making it suitable to burn wood in smoke controlled areas. It is also Ecodesign 2022 compliant. Find out more about this attractive stove here.

Morso 4100 Series Wood Burning Stove

Morso 4100 Series Wood Burning Stove

If you’re looking to create something individual for your living space, the Morso 4100 Series comes in a host of options. A beautifully proportioned stove, the Morso 4100 series boasts a full length and width – mirrored glass door, creating a striking appearance which enhances the look of the fire and flames. Find out more about this popular stove here.

Morso 3143 Badger Wood Burning Stove

3143 Badger Morso Stove

For a larger space, the Morso 3143 Badger could be just what you’re looking for. Constructed of cast iron, the Morso 3143 incorporates the Morso heat convection system ensuring effective heating for larger areas. Integrated into the stove sides, the convector panels give the stove extra height raising the appliance off the floor for a better view of the flames. Offering excellent performance and efficiency, the Morso 3143 is approved for burning wood in smoke control zones.

Morso 8140 Wood Burning Stove

Morso 8140 Woodburning Stove

For a light and timeless appearance you’ll love the Morsø 8140 wood burning stove. It has a distinctive design and is made of cast iron, ensuring an even heat distribution. The Morsø 8140 has excellent efficiency ratings and enjoys a heat output of 6.4Kw – ideal for small to medium size areas.

Clean lines and practical details characterise the Morsø 8140. The large, slightly convex glass window provides a perfect view of the dancing flames and you can even remove the stainless steel handle to enjoy those smooth lines to the max. The combination of soft curves and simple details gives this stove a timeless charm, which can be enjoyed for many years to come.

To find out more about these popular Morso stoves, you can either browse our website, or visit our unique showroom in Exeter. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will be happy to advise you on which stove will suit your home and talk through any requirements you have.