Morso 4400

The Morso 4400 series is a popular addition to the Morso range of steel stoves that offers a unique large landscape door with a panoramic view of the firebox and flame picture.

Developed with the UK market specifically in mind the 4400 Series offers sleek, clean lines to compliment any living space where style and comfort go hand in hand. The addition of a functional “magnetic” locking mechanism adds to this stoves ergonomic appeal.

The 4400 series is DEFRA approved, making it suitable to burn wood in smoke controlled areas and is also Ecodesign 2022 compliant.

There are several options available with the 4400 series.

The 4441 includes a full depth open plinth.

Morso 4441

The 4412 sits on 110mm legs.

Morso 4412


The 4442 sits on 200mm legs creating extra height for the appliance.


Morso 4442