Morso 4100 Series

The Morso 4100 Series comes in a host of options enabling customers to create something individual for their living space. A beautifully proportioned stove, the Morso 4100 series boasts a full length and width – mirrored glass door, creating a striking appearance which enhances the look of the fire and flames.

Morso 4143

The 4143 body and top is constructed of steel for the more traditional look.



Morso 4156

And last but not least, the 4156 is a combination of both material, utilising steel for the body of the stove and a ceramic top available in both white and black with gloss and matt finishes.


Whichever option you choose, the distinguished styling and glazing of this stove creates a contemporary appearance and wonderful warmth. With an output of 5KW, this is a perfect appliance for adding additional heat to a modern interior.