Morso 1010 Squirrel Wood Burning Stove

The Morso 1010 Squirrel is the latest incarnation of the classic Squirrel stove. Compact with traditional styling, the 1010 has a new internal combustion system. This delivers excellent efficiencies, far exceeding ECO Design 2022 regulations. It’s also DEFRA approved for burning in smoke controlled areas.
This model comes with forged side motifs featuring Morso’s iconic Squirrel logo. As standard it has 100mm legs. For those wanting more height you can choose from either 150mm or 250mm leg heights.
Constructed in cast iron the Morso 1010 Squirrel benefits from a small foot print size. This makes it ideal for smaller rooms in your home. These stoves are also a popular choice for use on long boats or cabins.
You can expect a generous 4.9KW output from this small stove with A+ energy performance. A pre-heated primary, secondary and tertiary combustion air system ensures excellent burning.
Controlling the stove is simple. The bottom circular dial controls the primary air – used for starting the stove. Once lit this can be closed and the top dial adjusts the burn rate of your fuel. There’s a removable handle for opening and closing the door for refuelling. There’s also a riddling grate for removing ash.