Why Esse’s CAT Range Cooker could be the Gas Cooker for You

If you’re thinking of investing in a range cooker this season, the Esse CAT gas range cooker should be high up on your list for consideration. Find out why this range cooker is a popular choice for people up and down the UK, as well as chefs and culinary businesses such as River Cottage.

No Flue – Install wherever there’s a gas supply

Advanced ESSE engineering at its best: this timelessly elegant range cooker can be positioned wherever there’s a gas supply, thanks to a catalytic burner that “cleans” the gas it uses so effectively that you don’t need a flue to vent outside. This means the only thing you’ll smell in your kitchen will be the aroma of beautifully cooked food!

Esse’s CAT Range Cooker

Programmable Timer

The ESSE CAT gas cooker isn’t just easy to install; it has a programmable timer that gives you complete temperature control, enabling you to run it exactly as you want to.

Highly Energy Efficient

Thermostatic burner control makes The Esse CAT highly energy-efficient; but even when you run it in eco-friendly “slumber” mode, it can be back up to cooking temperature in just 15 minutes.

Esse CAT Gas Thermostatic burner control

Take your Cooking to Another Level

With two large ovens and a large cast iron hotplate for up to 6 pans, the ESSE CAT is equipped to take your cooking to another level! Enjoy different temperature zones on the hotplate – simply slide your pan across the hotplate to see an immediate difference. The warm area around the edge of the hotplate is ideal for proving dough, which can then be baked in the oven for a delicious crusty loaf.

The ESSE CAT Gas range cooker lid detail

The ESSE CAT Gas is a range cooker that can be completely tailored to suit you and your lifestyle. Choosing the enamel in your favourite colour and having it installed in the ideal spot in your kitchen is just the beginning of how you can personalise the beautiful CAT Gas cooker. Not only is the Esse CAT range cooker a fantastic investment which will bring you years of culinary pleasure, if you move house, you can take this wonderful range cooker with you.

To find out more about the Esse CAT, and more of the Esse range, come and visit our destination showroom in Exeter to get a true impression of how this outstanding range cooker can enhance your home.