ESSE Warmheart

Part of the ESSE range of cook stoves, the ESSE Warmheart is the latest addition to the Ironheart family. A Wood burner which cooks, the ESSE Warmheart is perfect for heating and cooking. The smallest in the ESSE range of cooking stoves – this stoves none the less radiates 5KW of warmth into any room. The graduated temperature hob offers a very effective cooking area, with the heat reducing from 300˚C in the centre down to 190˚C at the outside. If all that wasn’t enough, you can also grill a steak or bake something delicious in the firebox. This also gives your food an authentic wood fired flavour.

ESSE’s unique heat transfer stove technology efficiently channels heat from the firebox into the graduated temperature hob, extracting energy from the combustion process for your wood-fired cooking adventures.

If you like the idea of living off-grid, wood-fired cooking combined with an adaptable wood burner, or all of the above, the ESSE Warmheart is the perfect match for you.