ESSE Bakeheart

The ESSE Bakeheart is both a wood burning stove and cooker. With all the charm and warmth of a wood burner, the ESSE Bakeheart also enjoys superb cooking capabilities. A 32l oven sits at the heart of this stove. Grill, Boil or Bake ‘off-grid’ and in the knowledge of a healthy 77% wood-fired A rated efficiency. The graduated temperature hob offers additional cooking area, with the heat reducing from 300˚C in the centre down to 190˚C at the outside.

Designed to accommodate dry, seasoned logs of up to 400mm (15in) length, the Bakeheart can be installed pretty much anywhere to provide a reliable source of heat for extended periods. You’ll be sure to keep toasty with a 5kW heat output. The Bakeheart also comes with an optional boiler.

So if you’re looking for a compact wood burner, that will also cook a stew, pizza, steak or a jacket potato this is the appliance for you.