Discover Le Feu, the Eco-Friendly Moveable Fireplace

Le Feu is the best selling bio fireplace in Scandinavia and Le Feu Bio Fireplaces are currently sold in 17 countries. Interested in this new fireplace concept? Read on to find out why Le Feu is gaining popularity around the world.

Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Le Feu Bio Fireplaces have been created for the living home where sustainability is a natural part of the lifestyle. Le Feu Bio Fireplace is the environmentally and indoor climate-friendly alternative to traditional wood-burning stoves and fireplaces. They burn clean and smoke-free and do not emit harmful substances in the home.

Bioethanol is alcohol in its simplest form produced through a fermentation of sugar from natural plants. It is CO2-neutral and thus a fantastic environmentally friendly alternative for traditional fuel types.

Quality and Style

Danish company, Le Feu, was established in 2017. They have combined iconic Danish design with interchangeable components and an environmental approach to create an exciting range of fireplaces. Le Feu Bio Fireplaces are a timeless, stylish design made of the best quality materials.

Le Feu Ground Steel Black

Cosy and Warm

Le Feu Bio Fireplaces with their modern burner technology combined with efficient choice of materials, means that Le Feu, unlike earlier bio fireplace versions, will emit ample heat. Le Feu Bio Fireplaces will increase the room temperature by 3.8° C in a room of 40 sqm.

These fireplaces contain a burner which holds 2 litres of fuel and will run for up to four hours on one fuelling, radiating a gentle heat.


The simple design and construction of these unique fireplaces allows you to install the magic of real flames and atmosphere in your own home in just a few minutes. They require no chimney or flue so are easy to install ready for your immediate enjoyment.

Position Anywhere – Indoors and Outdoors

The fact that these flexible fireplaces require no chimney or flue means they can be moved. The Le Fe Ground Range have a dome supported by either a simple steel pole or wooden legs allowing them to be positioned anywhere in your home with ease and enjoyed in your outdoor areas too.

Le Feu Ground_Low White

One Fireplace, 5 Models

The Le Feu range have many easily interchangeable options for creating warmth and cosiness both indoors and in the home’s outdoor spaces. Le Feu Sky White is a suspended fireplace, Le Feu Wall fits discreetly to your wall whilst the Le Feu Ground Range are supported by a simple steel pole or wooden legs.

If desired, it is possible to change the bio fireplace from any model to another. The fire dome is interchangeable and Le Feu Sky, as an example, can become Le Feu Wood by purchasing the wooden leg and accessories.

So, as you can see, there are many reasons to love these inspiring, environmentally friendly fireplaces. You can browse the Le Feu range online and order through our online shop. We are also offering ‘Virtual Tours’ of our showroom during lockdown and a click and collect service. Please click here to send us your enquiry or call us on 01392 797679.