Morsø Grill ’71

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The iconic Morso Grill ’71 cast iron grill, designed by Morsø in 1971, and has been produced ever since.

The grill grate for Morsø Grill ’71 is made of solid enamelled cast iron to ensure perfect grilling. If the grill becomes too hot, Grill ´71 makes it quick and easy to swing the grate out off the fire pit and away from the heat.

The cast iron grate is robust and ideal for cooking. The cast iron grill retains the heat for a long time and distributes it evenly across the whole surface. The grate also consists of many small pores that absorb flavours and fats – leading to wonderful results. In addition the grate gives food an attractive and characteristic grilling pattern.

The grate is easy to clean and needs minimal maintenance, however, it is always a good idea to clean the grate after use and coat it with neutral cooking oil. This makes cleaning easier every time and extends the lifetime of the grate.

Technical Details

Material: Cast iron
Dimensions: Ø33 × H71,5 cm – including stainless steel screen
Weight: 13 kg

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